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Installation, Repair, & More Services

Technical Services


Hydrostatic Testing


At our Norfolk, Virginia location, UAPC has a fully automated, computer controlled, DOT certified hydrostatic testing facility. Mehrer’s fully automated test procedures result in a computer generated, certified inspection and test report. This type of fully automated test facility is the latest technology available for hydrostatic testing and is unique in this region of the USA. UAPC provides the quality of documentation and test accuracy demanded by a growing number of fire chiefs, captains and port engineers. Mehrer’s objective has been to comply fully with increasing performance standards for high pressure industrial and breathing air storage and distribution systems, including apparatus and components inspection, maintenance, repair, testing and certification.

HydroMAX Program

Digester, Landfill, Biogas, Hydrogen and Syngas System

Mehrer’s HydroMAX program begins with apparatus and vessel testing and ends with your fully recharged pressure vessels, ready for deployment. Certified, factory trained and marine insured, technicians are available for high pressure breathing air or industrial system services.

Universal Air & Gas Products (UAPC) fleet vans are equipped with computerized equipment, which provide certified mask fit testing (apparatus posi-check). SCBA, SCUBA and other DOT rated pressure vessels must be transported to Norfolk, VA for inspection, test and certification.

In addition, UAPC provides certified, Grade E, breathing air. We can fully recharge your newly tested SCBA, SCUBA or DOT pressure vessels with up to 6,000 psig.



High Pressure Breathing Air Systems Rental Fleet

Ask also about our extensive, high pressure breathing air compressor systems rental fleet for your on-site, equipment requirements. Both air cooled, and 24/7 water cooled machinery is available.

Compressor, Blower or Vacuum System Consulting and Engineering Services

Custom compression systems for air or gas are designed to meet your exact requirements. These turn-key systems incorporate reciprocating, rotary, lubricated and non-lubricated designs, coupled with required air or gas drying, filtration, purification, storage vessels, cooling and drains, monitoring and controls. Common applications range from simple plant air compressors to fuel gas systems used in cogeneration. Please contact us for further discussion of your custom system design requirements.



Compression or Vacuum System Maintenance, Repair and Rental

Field Labor Services
UAPC offers a variety of custom field services, including vacuum or compression system installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul or reconfiguration. Long term maintenance agreements are offered based upon single or multiple plant locations. In addition, piping system design and installation, certified welding service, air system audits, leak detection, gas monitoring devices and controls, custom fabrication services and turn-key conversion of your equipment from NEC NEMA 1, 4 or 12 to NEMA 7 or 9 hazardous compliance are all available. Should you require backup equipment while your existing system is down, we offer an extensive rental fleet for pressures ranging from 0.010 Torr (0.013 mbar) to 6,000 psig in electric, engine or hydraulic driven configurations. Please consult with us for your skilled labor requirements.

Rental Equipment Services
In addition to the commonly available 125 psig, electric or diesel driven compressors; UAPC maintains a large fleet of high pressure rental compressors. Discharge pressure ranging from 200 psig to 6,000 psig is regarded as high pressure. Applications for these compressors are PET, valve testing, seal testing, pipeline testing, and breathing air for filling SCBA, SCUBA, ASME or DOT pressure vessels. Water cooled, high pressure compressors are supplied to customers with larger or continuous duty applications. Air cooled, high pressure compressors are supplied to customers with intermittent or small capacity applications. Please contact us for further discussion of your rental compressor system application.