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Nitrogen Compressor

Universal Air & Gas Products specializes in cutting-edge gas generators, including as Nitrogen systems, designed to provide an immediate nitrogen supply for countless applications. Depending on your requirements and project specifications, we can find the right nitrogen generator and matching compressors to fulfill your unique needs.

What is a Nitrogen Generator System?

A nitrogen generator with matching compressor is a system that uses specialized technology to guarantee an efficient and steady supply of nitrogen for various purposes and uses. A simple nitrogen generator doesn’t produce nitrogen since it’s naturally present in the air by 78%. Instead, nitrogen in the air is purified inside the generator to remove other molecules. After that, only nitrogen is left for usage.

The technology used for industrial nitrogen generator applications is responsible for separating the molecules from the air for purification. It can be done through a membrane or other types of filters. Apart from that, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems are also utilized to create high-purity nitrogen.

Nitrogen compressor systems we carry:

Our nitrogen generator and skid solutions deliver excellent efficiency and reliability for your nitrogen needs. Some sectors where nitrogen generation is commonly required include food and beverage, oil and gas, electronics, laboratories, fire prevention, pharmaceutical, and more. From its treatment abilities to its cost-effectiveness, nitrogen generation  systems offer benefits that will improve your bottom line.

Applications of a Nitrogen Generator With Air Compressor System

From food production to general industries, nitrogen has many uses, making it an in-demand gas. As aforementioned, numerous demanding industries need nitrogen to produce quality products or results. That said, some of its typical applications include the following:

  • It doesn’t contaminate food and drinks due to its odorless and colorless feature
  • Displaces oxygen for longer preservation of food
  • Ensures protection before sealing of food to maintain quality
  • Speeds up cleaning and drying process of glass bottles
  • Present in the air, so it’s safe and relatively cheaper than other gasses
  • Used in multiple metal treatment activities
  • Prevents degradation of pharmaceutical products
  • Reduces the risk of fire or explosions
  • Used in lead-free soldering and prevents oxidation
  • Blankets storage tanks and purges pipelines to eliminate the risk of fires

Using a High-Performance Nitrogen Generator for Top-Notch Outcomes

Nitrogen generators combined with compressor systems produce nitrogen instantly and are imperative to streamline your workflow and prevent downtime in your operations. With our help, we can deliver optimal results through our state-of-the-art nitrogen generators, which were manufactured by leading pioneers.

If you want to know more about our industrial nitrogen generator system solutions, feel free to contact us today. You can also request a quote; we’ll gladly form an economical solution that fits your budget.