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Inert Gases

Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation is a knowledgeable source for air and gas compression systems that can accommodate a wide range of air and gas media, such as inert gases. Inert gasses commonly include Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium.   With our help, customers can find the most suitable solution to improve their bottom line and support operations.

What is an Inert Gas Compressor?

Inert gas compressor systems reliably handle the compression, purification, storage, and recovery of inert gasses such as Helium, Nitrogen, and Argon. Compressing or pressurizing inert gasses makes them ideally suited for various applications, such as high-pressure storage of the gas. 

Helium gas suppliers utilize compressors to compress helium, which is incorporated in a broad range of industries, including medical, marine, and electronics. These compressors are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure efficient and safe operations in your facility.

Key inert gas compressor systems we offer include turnkey gas compressors, boosters, drying, and filtration components along with related controls.  Our engineers can assist customers when selecting and customizing the ideal inert gas compressor for their specific needs.  Our compressors are built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability for a more optimized performance.

Common Applications of Compressed Inert Gasses

Inert gasses are known as stable and nonreactive gasses that don’t react with other elements. They don’t undergo chemical reactions with other chemical substances, making them less likely to form harmful chemical compounds. Due to their unique properties, inert gasses have diverse uses and purposes in different industries.

Some unique applications of inert gas:

  • Welding: Argon welding gas cylinder solutions are notably used in welding operations, such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) applications. Inert gasses are notably used to shield the tungsten from possible contamination. It also protects the fluid metal from reactive gasses that cause porosity in the solidified wet puddle.
  • Diving: The most common inert gas used in breathing gas for commercial diving is helium. These are also essential components in the breathing mixture, which isn’t metabolically active and can’t cause serious harm to the diver. Its other purpose is to dilute the gas mixture.
  • Food processing: Another purpose of helium, nitrogen, and argon gas is to displace oxygen gas from packed food items, which can successfully prevent bacteria from growing.

Marine and aerospace industries also utilize inert gas in their rigorous operations. With our help, we can find the right compression system to deliver a stable supply of inert gas in your facility.

Trust Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation to Deliver High-Performance Compressors

Our extensive product selection and turnkey package services have provided thousands of clients with trustworthy and durable compressors for their specific needs. Our commitment to innovation and advanced technology guarantees we deliver high-performance solutions to address issues our clients are facing in their operations.

Contact us today, and we’ll help you find a superior compressor that can work according to your industry’s unique needs. You may also request a quote, and one of our experts will develop a cost-effective solution based on your specifications and requirements!