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Universal Air & Gas Products is a leading supplier of air and gas compressors for various industries. One of the important sectors we serve is the automotive industry, where we can modify standard products, skid package products, and custom design the different solutions available for their intended purpose.

We understand that our clients from the automotive industry require different air and gas solutions for various applications. That’s why we have different automotive air and gas  compressor systems and other components available to provide the best results. These options include custom engineers or modified systems for customer specific applications.

UAPC Serving the Automotive Sector for Many Years


Of the numerous industries we have worked with, automotive is one of the most valuable. We also deliver high-quality products from OEM brands that will fit the client’s specifications and requirements.

Such products we provide are the following:

  • Compressors for automotive manufacturing & painting
  • Compressors for automotive repair
  • Compressors for refueling vehicles with natural gas

These items are utilized for a wide range of functions and purposes to improve the outcomes that customers are seeking in the industry. With our 60 years of serving the industry, we already have an in-depth knowledge of what each application needs. So we understand what products are necessary for a particular application.

Applications of Automotive Air & Gas Compressor Products from UAPC

One of the leading products that our clients order from us is oil free booster compressors, which are essential  in this automotive painting industry.

These products are primarily utilized for supplying high pressure, oil free compressed air to robotic painting systems.  

What is a Compressed Natural Gas Compressor System

A compressed natural gas compressor system is mainly used for compressed natural gas vehicles or CNGs. These vehicles operate like typical gasoline-powered vehicles, however they are fueled with natural gas instead of gasoline. The compressed gas is stored in a high pressure  ASME vessel or a bank of vessels.

These are the benefits CNGs offer:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 80%
  • CNG is cheaper compared to petrol or diesel
  • CNG cylinders are safer than gasoline or diesel tanks when it comes to collisions
  • Doesn’t have sulfur, toxic additives, and other traces of heavy metals
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Better overall performance

Fortunately, UAPC offers a wide range of compressed gas systems from which an automotive company can choose. 

The Experts in Air & Gas Compressor Systems for the Automotive Industry

Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation is a leader in custom-made air and gas compressors for the automotive manufacturing, vehicular refueling with natural gas and repair industries.  

So if you have any questions or want to see our catalog, contact us today or request a free quote. We can help you find the perfect product to achieve your objectives!