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Gases in Food Processing

Universal Air & Gas Products is a leading source of gas compressor products that accommodate gases commonly utilized in the food processing industry. Various compression-related products are designed and developed to improve your bottom line and streamline your production process. With our help, we can find the right compression-related products according to your specific requirements.

What are the Gases Used in Food Processing?

Some of the most commonly used gases used in food processing include nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. Each has its own characteristics and benefits that make it ideal for a specific application or purpose in food processing. Our range of gas compressor systems is specially designed to handle these gases safely, ensuring the best quality output for your food processing needs.

The most common types of gases utilized for food processing are as follows:

  • Carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide gas is vital in food processing due to its substantial uses. First, it’s a cooling agent (cryogenic) that chills or freezes food and beverages while guaranteeing temperature control. A carbon dioxide tank is used to store the pressurized carbon dioxide gas for later use. Carbon dioxide refill is done once the gas is depleted.
  • Nitrogen:  A multitude of processes can benefit from nitrogen. For instance, it’s used as a preservative to minimize the growth of microorganisms. It’s also utilized as a quick freezing and cooling agent.
  • Argon: One of the primary uses of argon is acting as an inhibitor for respiratory enzymes, which can enhance the preservation of flavor. In addition, it can prevent the inhibition of damaging anaerobes and fat oxidation.  Second, it is used to fill spaces that are used for heat insulation.  This is common in double-pane windows. 

Different types of gases are used across the food processing’s value chain. From production to packaging applications, these gases serve the purpose of maintaining the overall quality of the product. In addition, these gases are essential in expanding a product’s performance while exceeding customer’s expectations.

Typical Applications of a Gas Compressor in Food Processing

In facilities where gases are commonly used, it’s vital to have a high-quality compression system to accommodate them. At Universal Air & Gas Products, you can find a gas compressor that can seamlessly handle the refill processes, such as carbon dioxide tank refill or recovery of carbon dioxide from a process. It can provide a consistent gas recovery method that stores the gas for later use. This ensures your food processing operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Some of its distinct applications include the following:

  • Fermentation process
  • Quick thawing process
  • Product mixing
  • Packaging and sealing of food items
  • Sterilization of food products
  • Controlling temperature during the cooking process
  • Dispensing of ingredients or raw materials

Let Us Fulfill Your Gas Compressor Needs

Universe Air & Gas Products can design and construct a gas compressor system tailored to your project’s needs and specifications. Our turnkey solutions enable us to produce customized systems according to your food processing facility.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of products and services. You may also request a quote, and we’ll develop a cost-effective solution based on your prerequisites and demands.