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Industries Served

We are designers and manufacturers of air & gas compressors providing customers with the highest quality parts and products. With a passionate team of experts dedicated to meeting the needs of each customer, UAPC offers world-class service backed by decades of experience.

From sourcing components from leading manufacturers around the globe to our fully stocked warehouses all around the United States –– we have what it takes to ensure your work runs as smoothly as possible in a wide range of industries.

Our air & gas products are used in many industries

UACP has been providing air and gas compressors in many industries for over 60 years. We have the expertise and experience to provide solutions for industries requiring compressed air and gas.

Our custom solutions are designed to fit the needs of industries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Industrial and Commercial
  • Fire Services
  • Medical Air Systems
  • Automotive

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial and commercial industries depend on compressor air systems to move liquids or gases from one point to another. This essential equipment can be found in many operations, from powering air tools used in construction projects to providing torque for manufacturing machines.

Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation provides a compressor air system suitable for many applications, including energy exploration and automation in automobile development.

With compressor products that offer precise pressure regulation and maximum power efficiency, Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation is helping these industries remain manufacturers of high-quality outputs.


Fire Services

The fire services industry relies heavily on air and gas compressors to supply breathing air compressor systems for firefighters. They need reliable breathing apparatus that can provide a continuous flow of air in the field and at the station. As such, Universal offers quality solutions essential for the continued safety of firefighters who risk their lives every day, from breathing apparatus to portable breathing air compressors and compressed air dryers.


Medical Air Systems

Medical industries rely on air compressors for various applications, from powering dental tools to providing oxygen and other medical gases. An air breathing compressor is equipped to handle air requirements for medical facilities, providing clean air that contaminants cannot compromise

In a hospital setting, these air systems create conditions ideally suited to maintaining and monitoring specific air qualities that must meet strict regulations. Even more advanced medical operations, such as operating suites, depend on these air systems to reduce contaminants while bringing sufficient fresh air into the rooms.

In all cases, these air and gas compressors offer vital assurance in creating medically-safe air environments. We offer a wide variety of air breathing compressors, breathing air accessories, and medical reciprocating piston systems tailored to suit any healthcare facility’s needs.



The air and gas compressor products offered by UACP are highly valuable in the automotive industry. Such air compressor system is  used to perform air-powered operations relating to the following:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air brakes
  • Air suspension
  • Air intake
  • Fuel delivery processes in motor vehicles

Furthermore, many of these systems require a heavy-duty air compressor to ensure optimal performance with minimal maintenance or repairs. UACP’s selection of portable and stationary air compressors offers viable solutions for manufacturers of all sizes.


The leading air and gas compressor expert in many industries

Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation provides standard and customized solutions tailored to your industry’s needs. Whether you require a single air compressor or an entire system of compressors and dryers, UACP is the go-to provider for automotive, medical air systems, fire services, and more industries. Contact us today to learn more about our air and gas compressor solutions.