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Medical Air Systems

Medical air systems are crucial in many industries. They provide a source of clean and sterile breathing air for patients and personnel. These systems always include a purification system to ensure that the quality of the air is up to application specific safety standards, as well as an appropriate storage system for backup purposes. 

That’s why Universal Air & Gas Products is a leading provider of medical-grade air systems for industrial use. Our focus is on delivering reliable products that prioritize the health and safety of our clients in the medical industry.

What are Medical Air Systems

Medical air systems supply compressed air to medical facilities and equipment. It is used in various medical applications, including providing breathing air for patient respirators, powering medical equipment and tools, and performing surgical procedures. 

Medical-grade compressed air is tested and certified to be free of odors, particulates, excess moisture, oils, lubricants, other impurities and dangerous gas types. To meet stringent medical requirements, the air must be clean, dry, and free of moisture or other industry regulated contaminants.

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In addition, medical vacuum pump systems are integral to many medical air systems as they provide the suction (vacuum) power needed by specific medical equipment or procedure. Depending on their application, they may be powered by electricity or compressed gas. Vacuum pumps also perform medical functions like draining fluids and expelling biological waste.

A medical air system is essential to any medical facility and must be kept in peak working conditions to ensure patient safety. Regular maintenance, testing, and calibration of compressed air systems are critical for ensuring the quality of compressed air provided meets or exceeds safety standards. 


It’s undeniable that the importance of medical-grade compressed air cannot be overstated, as it is vital to providing safe and effective healthcare services.

Benefits of medical air systems

As mentioned above, medical air systems provide a compressed air source for various medical equipment operations and sterilization processes. Consequently, a medical vacuum system is designed to deliver the highest quality performance for medical uses, including ventilation systems, operating rooms, laboratories, and intensive care units.

In general, medical air and vacuum systems are beneficial for the following applications.Medical Infographics

  • Filtered air for incubators and ventilators: Medical vacuum pump systems and air systems provide sterile air to critical medical devices such as incubators and ventilators. This helps protect newborn infants, as well as adults who rely on breathing machines for their day-to-day care. Medical air systems work by filtering out harmful particles in the air that can cause infections or other health issues. 
  • Breathing support during surgery: To keep patients safe during operation, medical air systems provide an uninterrupted supply of clean, sterile breathing gas – ensuring that the patient’s lungs are appropriately ventilated and oxygenated during the procedure. Furthermore, it minimizes the risk of infection by preventing bacteria and pollutants from entering the patient’s lungs.

Most reliable medical air system to use

At Universal Air & Gas Products, providing the highest quality medical air systems is our top priority. We understand that health and safety are paramount, so our products are designed with precision and quality to meet the highest industry standards. Contact us or request a quote today, and we’ll help you find the suitable medical air system that meets your expectations!