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Gas and air compressor systems are vital in numerous operations in factories worldwide. Industries that rely on compressors for innumerable applications include Medical, Industrial, Construction, Fire Services, and Energy, to name a few. Universal Air & Gas Products specializes in high-performance compressor products to support our client’s varying needs.

Compressor Products

We carry an extensive range of air and gas compressor systems from global leading brands, depending on our client’s project requirements. Rest assured, there’s a system made for every demanding application.

Below are our main product offerings that guarantee quality outcomes:

  • Lubricated and Non Lubricated Rotary Screws: Lubricated and oil free rotary screws are easy to maintain, ideal for large-scale projects and industrial settings requiring continuous airflow. 
  • The Non Lubricated  Rotary Scroll Series: The Series is compact, robust, and can be fitted anywhere due to its integrated design. 
  • Reciprocating Air and Gas Compressors: These compressor systems are common in smaller worksites and come in single- or multi-stage variations for different pressure ranges.  Lubricated and oil-free versions are available. 
  • Variable Speed Screws: These energy-efficient compressors allow users to increase or decrease output depending on demand. 
  • Fixed Speed Compressors: Fixed speed compressors are ideal in applications where constant compressed air or gas is needed 24/7. 
  • Contractor Series Piston Compressors: This series provides compressed air or gas in a portable package, making them simple and easy to use. 
  • Industrial Series Piston Compressors: These industrial air and gas compressor systems are also used in automotive and commercial applications. Its superior performance can keep up with the demands of any harsh environment. 
  • Breathing/Medical Air Compressor Systems: We specialize in breathing air compressor solutions that support first responders or medical applications. These standard or custom-designed and manufactured products can meet any arduous requirements and specific system specifications.

We also have tank mounted systems, which are ideal if you want to save space. Fortunately, they come in different types and are equipped with innovative controls technology for a quiet,  and efficient operation.

Turnkey Gas and Air Compressor Systems

Universal Air & Gas Products specializes in turnkey fuel gas and Component Systems that accommodate your stringent needs and specifications. Focusing on alternative fuels, hydrogen and natural gas fuel systems, we can produce a failsafe solution based on what you’re looking for. At the same time, we have full control of the design and construction to guarantee unrivaled quality. We assure you that every system is built based on the USA or many alternative, international standards.

Furthermore, we design and develop compressor and booster systems that can match any compressor application. With differing pressure ranges, you can choose the best range to perfectly accommodate your air, inert, fuel, and different process gasses. 

UAPC has a complete line of compressors, booster systems, and components for your customized gas and air compressor systems. You can choose from our product line and services, and we can provide you with reliable results that can drive success to all your projects.

Choose Us to Deliver Unrivaled Gas and Air Compressor Systems

At Universal Air & Gas Products, we pride ourselves on providing reliable outcomes and excellent customer service through our experienced staff and engineers. We guarantee superior compressors and related products and services, such as filtration, dryers and piping system design and installation.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You may also request a quote for our turnkey solutions, and we’ll bring you a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.